Digitizing Modernista Poetry

I am currently working on a research paper on Nájera and I am hoping that the results from mining his texts will confirm my main theories about him. Obviously, I cannot mine Nájera’s work in isolation, but in my posts I will mainly focus on how my findings relate to his texts.

One of the most time consuming aspect of this project is going to be creating my corpora, which requires digitizing Nájera’s texts. Unlike Darío’s work, very little of Nájera’s is available in digital form. At the same time, because of the availability of Darío’s texts I have decided to start working with Nájera’s poetry as this will allow me to quickly start mining texts from both poets.

At the moment, I have digitized 4310 lines of Nájera’s poetry (82 poems) and I will be contrasting those to about 8402 lines of Darío’s poetry (183 poems). You can see the corpora I am using here.